Our Process

Build a rock-solid foundation

Merchandising in a digital marketplace begins and ends with a flawless catalog of images, copy, headlines and reviews. We use our in-depth knowledge of marketplace search algorithms to craft optimized product pages. The result? Improved search results that squeeze every sales opportunity from your content.

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                    Year-Over-Year Retail Growth

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Gear up for demand

Digital marketplace sales can scale rapidly. Your logistics and operations are critical to meeting that demand. We help you fine-tune your supply chain and forecast demand so your products are always in stock and ready to ship.

Start the engine

Once your content and operations are ready for action, we start building traffic. We fine tune for better search results, fuel product trial with low-cost promotions and leverage social media to build your position in the marketplace.

As momentum builds, we analyze every facet of your product's performance. If people are viewing, but not buying, we look at pricing and promotional options. If there aren't many reviews, we reach out to customers and build that base.

Once everything — operations included — are running smoothly, we're ready to open the throttle.

Hit the gas

Digital Marketplaces are viral. As customers search, purchase and review, your product climbs higher in search results, which drives more sales. You could let this virtuous feedback loop grow organically. We prefer to take those snowballing sales and turn them into an avalanche.

We pore through marketplace and sales data to determine which exact tools to use.

Our basic toolkit:

  • Targeted advertising investments that generate above-average returns
  • Sampling programs and promotional pricing that expand your customer base
  • Seasonal, site-wide advertising and take over opportunities that elevate your brand
  • Marketplace partnerships that open the door to exclusive product offerings, market-specific bundles, and one-of-a-kind promotions.

Analyze, optimize, repeat

Everything we do for your brand is subject to a single test: did it return enough sales lift for the money you spent? If a tactic doesn’t pass that basic ROI test, we fix it.

Digital marketplaces are far more complex than a supermarket aisle,which makes pinpointing underperforming strategies a challenge. We analyze and optimize as we go through incremental tests and constant recalibration. 

We explain in detail each metric and show you how your investment is performing on a monthly basis, so you never have any doubt that we are managing your brand effectively and efficiently.

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